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The interface is opaque


Time-based sculpture of ice
3-channel audiovideo
custom speakers

Memories are fluid; they vanish and re-emerge, get transformed and rewritten, yet they constitute our identity.

The interface is opaque is a time-based sculpture made of ice. It is a physical layer, a surface for an audiovisual composition that every day goes through the process of decaying and vanishing.

The installation consists of disks made of ice that are attached to transducers and used as speakers and projection surfaces. On them, photos from my childhood are projected and digitally deconstructed until they become an unrecognizable network of isolated points.

The installation shows memories as a dynamic yet decaying system. Like memories that disappear and get corrupted during time, in the installation images and sound get transformed and lose clarity until they let the broken melting sculpture be in the focus.

Rather than portraying individual memories in a crystallized form, the medium becomes more liquid and reflects on the process of their disappearance.

Presented at MUU gallery.

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