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Roberto Fusco, (M. Phil. Music and Media Technology, D. Sc. (Technology), ITA/FI, b. 1980, is an Italian media artist based in Helsinki.

At the intersection of physical and computational processes, his artistic research focuses on the possible dialogues between art and science. By using data, his works oscillate between the scientific, objective, and reductive description of phenomena, and the non-scientific, subjective, and felt knowledge. In his practice, the use of technology, capable of recording, reconstructing, modeling, and simulating reality, is significant both as a tool as well as material and subject of his investigation. In the form of installations or audiovisual performances with real-time and interactive elements, he exposes the role of technology and computation as an instrument that mediates our perception and experience. Fusco combines material and digital elements towards the creation of hybrid forms in which the processes of negotiation with technology become manifest and the materiality of the world, with its complexity and unpredictability, transcends what is computable.


He has presented his work at festivals such as Ars Pori, Aavistus audiovisual biennial (FI), ANTI festival, Blooming (ITA), LUX Helsinki, Mänttä Art Festival, Ars Electronica, VAFT (FI), NIME, RIXC (LT), FLUSSI (ITA), Currents New Media (USA), Videoforma (RU), PIXELACHE (FI), AAVE (FI), Borealis (NO), Plektrum (EE) and in galleries and institutions such as Huuto, Galleria Haa, Kuopio Art Museum, ArsLibera, Third Space, Titanik, Rajatila, MUU Galleria (FI), the Science Gallery (IE) and EYEBEAM (NY, US).


He has been collaborating and presenting joint work with live artist Emma Fält and co-funded with Andrea Mancianti the audiovisual duo and media art studio QUIETSPEAKER.



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