Roberto Fusco (formerly known as Roberto Pugliese), (M.Phil. Music and Media Technology, D. Sc. (Technology), ITA/FI, b. 1980, is an Italian media artist based in Helsinki. He works with time-based digital and physical media, resulting in multichannel audiovisual installations and interactive multimedia works with kinetic sculptural elements.


Roberto is interested in the way digital technology shapes our experience of the physical world by the way it allows us to capture, reconstruct and simulate it. To comment on this phenomenon, he develops sonic and visual computational techniques to reconstruct experiences already vanished and design interaction for the visitor to simulate situations which are alternative but connected to the real life. His work combines material and digital elements to create hybrid forms, going through processes at times guided by the agency of the matter and analogue intuition while other times by algorithmic control. In this interchange, matter can be processed in a systematic way while code can be handled in all its textility.


In audiovisual performances Roberto explores the relationship between sound and images, their perceptual integration in time and space and intertwined choreography as one medium.


He has presented his work in festivals such as VAFT (FI), NIME, RIXC (LT), FLUSSI (ITA), Currents New Media 2016 (USA), Videoforma (RU), PIXELACHE (FI), AAVE (FI), Borealis (NO), Plektrum (EE) and CARTES FLUX (FI) and Loikka (FI) and in galleries such as ArsLibera, Third Space, Titanik, Rajatila, MUU Galleria (FI), the Science Gallery (IE) and EYEBEAM (NY, US).

He co-funded with Andrea Mancianti the audiovisual duo and media art studio QUIETSPEAKER.



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