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Social eMotion

2016 - 2017

Lehmus, Nuutinen, Himberg, Lampela, Pugliese et al.:

Stoa - East-Helsinki Culture Centre
FRI 24.2. klo 19.00
SAT 25.2. klo 19.00

Social eMotions combines contemporary dance and movement science to highlight the social, dynamic and embodied aspects of emotions. The performance builds on the outcomes of an ongoing scientific and artistic study.

The performance consists of a ca. 15 minute duet for two dancers and two cellists performed twice followed by a post-performance discussion. The emotional content of the choreography and the music are voted by the audience through a mobile interface. Through the choices of the audience, and the performers, the piece creates a new dramaturgy and new meanings in each performance.

Concept & direction: Jarkko Lehmus
Choreography & dance: Johanna Nuutinen ja Jarkko Lehmus
Musicians: Ulla Lampela ja Iida-Vilhelmiina Laine
Composer: Jussi Lampela
Visualisation: Roberto Pugliese, M.Phil. and D.Sc. (Tech.) 
Motion capture: Klaus Förger, D.Sc. (Tech.)
Project leader: Tommi Himberg, PhD
Research assistant: Maija Niinisalo (BA)

Supported by Kone Foundation and Aalto University

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