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live cameras

motorized rails

real-time video and sound

Ossa is a media installation in which the visitor becomes part of the work. A camera records the outline and movement of the viewer, but the image on the screen is formed by animal bones. The work is a reminder of how fundamentally similar we are to animals. Livestock animals, such as chickens, pigs and cattle, were used as models for the installation, reminding us that the bones were once living animals and not just the waste found on our plate after consuming them.

Right now is the time to recognize the exploitation of non-human life, and to face the global challenges that endanger all species, their next generations and the entire planet. We need to challenge the presumption of human centrality and rethink our role on this planet.


The installation has been produced by Kunstventures and supported by AVEK / Mediarata and the Finnish Cultural Foundation.


Premiered at LUX Helsinki 2022

Artistic design: Roberto Fusco and quietSpeaker studio

Camera-rail construction and programming: Parasense
Sound consultant: Sebastian Schlecht
In co-operation: Cultural Centre Stoa

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