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2018 - 

with Nadja Pärssinen and Virpi Velin

Mirror, mirror sees them all, installation-performance by Nadja Pärssinen (dance and choreography), Roberto Fusco (sound, live visuals and interaction) and Virpi Velin (photography and choreography).


Mirror, mirror sees them all is a reflection upon the representation of ourselves through images in social media; the amplification and distortion of identities. It looks at the process of being a user of and participant in social media and the ways it reflects selves and transforms identity structures.


The performance installation consists of small moving mirrors, projected images and light. The dancer and the photographer move interactively with each other and with the installation. The interaction between the movements of the dancer, the movements of the photographer and the light reflected by the mirrors create a kaleidoscopic and intuitive tactile-visual narrative.

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