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with Andrea Mancianti


For electronically-controlled fans, multichannel audio, depth sensor and custom software
Dimension: variable

When two sounds collide, they create heat

Fuoco fatuo (Italian for “will-o'-the-wisp”) is a kinetic sound sculpture that puts a piece of cloth in motion and creates sounds of it. The fabric starts floating by means of multiple fans blowing air underneath it. The airflow is controlled by software that regulates the individual speed of each fan, effectively choreographing the “dance” of the cloth – the fuoco fatuo.
The sonic material is based on an abstraction of the sacred choral piece by Orlando di Lasso “O bone Jesu” (1582).
Fuoco fatuo is an audiovisual object. It manifests itself both visually and sonically consistently over time, as a plausible and yet ephemeral and transient organism.
Fuoco fatuo is realized in collaboration with composer and performance sound artist Andrea Mancianti.

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