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with Marek Pluciennik

16 mm projectors, mirrors, kinetic elements, live electronics

CAMERA ILLUMINATA is an immersive audiovisual performance that combines projections of both analogue and digital visual materials while going beyond the usual screen presentation. It is a live where images are diffused across the performance space using a complex system of moving mirrors.

The project is based on live cinema practices such as physical manipulation of the projectors and the film but pushes those forwards to digital media by means of real-time manipulation of digital video.


The system is composed of 16 mm projectors coupled with a digital camera positioned in front of the gate. While the image is formed it gets captured and processed digitally. The result is a hybrid that gets projected digitally on screen and also diffused directly in the performance space.

A further element to expand the performativity and physical intervention of the media is the use of mirrors that brakes the image. The mirrors are attached to computer-controlled motors letting them move, drastically modifying the image and articulating the visual development according to pre-programmed algorithm or being influenced by the sound of the machine itself.

This approach to the machinery is to extend it and augment it with digital media while retaining the physical relation between the performer and the machine, the human gesture and intention acting through an instrument.

The sound has a very important role since it magnifies the behaviour of the system by amplifying all the sound created on the projector plus the one of the motors.

The project is built around the broad notion of expanded cinema, media art and audiovisual performance and let those categories converge towards a common ground of light and sound performance.

With the support of VISEK and the kind friends of Filmverkstaden an HackLab in Vaasa.

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